Why ‘A Magara

Why ‘A Magara?

The name “‘A Magara” comes from the Calabrian dialect and it means “the witch”, referring to an interesting local legend. The choice of the name wants to enhance a magical place, its popular beliefs and so to transmit through our beers the ‘Calabrian alchemy of our territory.

It is said that the Magara, devoted to the most arcane magic arts, lived in the great rock that now has her name “a Pethra da Magara”, today in the garden of the farm “Calabrialcubo”; in Nocera Terinese.

These legendary women, born into a world of hardship, loneliness and deprivation, are so far froour imaginary, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t live in their places …

It is said that, sometimes, invited to feast, they end getting drunk; the alcohol dedication would be a first clue that you might be dealing with a magara;(abstract from: “Lo sguardo e i luoghi. Immagini ed icone della costiera tirrenica calabrese, Ferlaino Franco, 2007, Calabria Letteraria)

Our witch, who likes alcohol, today she uses her powers to create a divine elixir and perpetuate her name through a magical product … the beer, capable of transmitting more than ever the authentic


We obviously have given her space and so our great beers are born!

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